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Special Projects


Maintenance and support

Maintenance and support of the depot ships, drilling outfits, oil and gas rigs demand close attention and capacity for management of concurrent execution of different processes. Such activities take a long time and distract from main activity, thereby blunting its effectiveness. Devolution of the depot ships support authority to the professionals can help to overcome the difficulties mentioned above.

Our company’s slogan is: «Our tugs are able to supply your oil rigs for a long time chartering». Being the owner of the modern towing floating facilities, the company is ready to provide comprehensive organization of the depot ship supply. We have professionals in our team who are able to solve a number of industry specific tasks.

Comprehensive service of the object includes the following operations:

  • Transportation of the staff members. Extended operation of the remote facilities is typically related with the rotation shift schedule. We are ready to assume the transportation of the specialists to ensure the continuous operation;
  • Crew change. Qualified employees of our company are able to perform a number of industry specific tasks in the absence of specialists;
  • Cargo traffic – fuel, provision and necessary household items supply;
  • Technical support. Company specialists are able to assist in performing or different repair operations at sea, in depot ship towing if necessary, in towage of a vessel to the specified destination.

MAK offers

Along with the represented services, our company offers an opportunity to enter an urgent aid contract. Such contracts are entered only on the base of preliminary arrangement.

Advanced professional training of the depot ships staff members is possible. We are ready to provide the sailors navigation skills training courses with the use of our tug boats.

Our clients have a possibility to order full package of services or every service separately. The terms and conditions of cooperation are specified in the formal contract. The cost of depot ships, drilling outfits and oil rigs supply operations is calculated with consideration for the amount of work and its complexity.

It is possible to evaluate the suitability of service order only after the concrete calculations have been received and the partnership agreement has been discussed. Call the specialists of our company to obtain all the necessary data. We provide consultation service absolutely free.