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Tugboat Assistance

Big modern ships cannot stop at once – their stopping length is nearly 2 kilometers. They also cannot berth without assistance or put in the harbour that is completely filled with vessels – it is too complicated for these giants to perform evolutions in the restricted harborage area. Therefore they need towing.

It is being accomplished with special small vessels, mobile and swiftly-moving, with good stability, high engine thrust and low ship sitting so that in the transportation process of the large-capacity high-sided vessels their propellers screws were always submerged in the water. Such small vessels confidently assist the large ships, hundreds of times out measuring and outweighing them, in entering and leaving the port. And no winds, tide rises and strong currents can prevent them. They are called tug boats and are divided onto sea tugs, oceangoing tugs, marine tractors or craft tugs, estuary tugs and river tugs. Pull tugs for pulling dumb vessels and pusher-type tug boats for pushing vessels are distinguished. There are also rescue tugs – they provide help to the vessels at sea and tow a vessel to the port.

MAK vessels

Our company owns tending vessels of different classes and consequently can perform towing operations of any kind. Depending on the forthcoming task of the client we can recommend the most suitable tug boat to perform it. Our team is well-organized and we are able to do the job fast and successfully. Our guys know their job “from A to Z” – all the nuances and tricks of towing are well-known to them. Fall of tide can happen in the towing process along the river and tug boat cannot enter it to take the customer’s vessel out of the place that is difficult to access. We are creative in our approach to the solving of problems of that kind and offer to find another tug boat or to lessen the ballast.

MAK provides

Conclusion of a mutually beneficial agreement with a customer is an indispensable condition of cooperation – we provide full maintenance from the preparation of a set of documents necessary for the operation including development of towage project and getting single passage license to delivering the object to the final port of destination and berthing. Registration of flag/vessel and providing all necessary additional land service are our fields of competence, too. We provide multifaceted assistance in canals and chokepoints passing and carry out all the preliminary work – check the reserve towing painters and bow anchors, prepare the ship lights, discharge the pulled vessel if necessary to make its navigation easier. In any occasion we will excellently accomplish the task and your vessel will not be damaged but will be delivered to the port safely. So we invite you to see all this for yourself!