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Ocean towage


MAK Marine Transportation

Our company provides a wide range of transportation services for the self-propelled and nonself-propelled floating facilities from the berthing to the destination port. Operations are provided with the use of tug boats of different types and thrust power. The servicing yard includes sea and river tug boats. It is possible to order the transportation of barges, all dumb crafts, ships, crane boats and oil rigs.

Choosing Tugs

When choosing type and number of tug boats that will be used in transportation and assistance operations, not only the conditions of passage but also special technical features of the transporting object, its dimensions and construction are taken into account. Only after the analysis of the available data and with consideration of concurrent factors the decision about the type of towing vessel for certain operation is made. For the tow of barges and other dumb crafts tug liners are used. The special features of their construction are deck sheer and heightened freeboard. Due to this the tug boats become lively and get the necessary course-keeping stability. For oil rigs transportation the ocean-going tugs are used. They are able to stay in an independent sail for a long term. The length of haul from the datum mark of towing to the port of registration has almost no limitations. The same can be said about weather conditions and the area. Moreover, towing vessels of this type can perform rescue operations (fire extinguishing), elimination of emergency, and comburent delivery. Ocean-going tugs are also used if a long-distance towing of the vessel is necessary.

Waterways Tugboats

Inland waterways tug boats are used to perform towing operations in harborage area, in the rivers and coastal zones. Outstanding feature of these types of vessels is high power combined with rather small dimensions. The dimensions of the tug boats allow them to achieve high maneuvering ability in the intricate river channel. Beyond that, inland waterways towing vessels are used when it is necessary to tow the self-propelled and nonself-propelled vessels through the lock tunnel.


All the operations and terms are regulated by the documented contract. In the contract not only departure and destination points are specified but also flag/vessel registration data and special features of self-propelled or nonself-propelled vessel that is being transported.