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Reliablesolution for your business Надежное решение для вашего бизнеса
Towage salvage and civil engineering support Индивидуальный подход к каждому виду работы
Towingdoor to doorservice Предоставление комплекса услуг "От двери до двери"

Mediterranean towing company

What is MAK


We are “MAK Towage CO.” – has over 10 years of successful business history.

Started with shipping and ship management in early 90-ties Group has developed into a large Holding uniting today over 12 companies specializing in different fields of transport industry: Ship management, chartering, agency, ship repairs, logistics, port stevedoring and towing.

We as MAK started our activity in 2010. In 6 years of successful operations we managed to built up a reputable name in Black Sea, Azov and Mediterranean towing markets as well as in Ukraine internal waterways. Company specializes in sea towing and operates today owned and chartered sea going tugs with power capacity from 300 h.p. up to 3600 h.p.

We offer quality Just In Time service and competitive prices. Moreover for our permanent clients we give very attractive rebates.

MAK missions

  • Towage projects design and single transition permission adjustment.
  • Ships and flags registration assistance.
  • A flexible approach that allows US to find best solution of towing YOUR sea-object from any location.
  • Support & assistance at the straits and channels passing stage.
  • Providing Izmail shipyard services in case of planed, regular and necessary repairs.

MAK Towage professional scope


MAK Towage company provides a wide range of marine services from towage, salvage and civil engineering support to ships agency and pilotage.


With vessels operating in the UK, Europe and Worldwide. MAK has built up an enviable reputation for excellent care and long term customer relationships.

Project cargo

Operating the own barges, tugs and Ro-Ro the company provides the full range of services for transportation of project cargo.

Tug Rentals

MAK runs a tugboat charter for commercial, industrial, and residential clients. Our tugboats can transport a wide variety of materials and marine vehicles.